Happy Weekend!

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It’s one of those rainy Fridays over here, which may linger into the weekend, but we’re strangely okay with that. While of course we love a beautiful sunny day, sometimes you can feel very on-the-go because you’re trying to make the most of it while you can. There’s definitely something to say for the every now-and-then lazy weekends, where you can see the grey sky and feel at peace with unwinding and reflecting.

Hopefully you guys all get to enjoy your weekends, rain or shine. See ya Monday!

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cct // Iskra Lawrence is a goddess, and this video is both inspiring and a bit of a bummer to watch – but you should! She speaks to a lot of the struggles of teens (and us curvy ladies) have, and how we need to stay positive and be supportive of each other!❤

rkv // What to eat after a good workout

cct // I’ve link to this before, but I’m doing it again because I love it so much! One of our favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, has done a Motherhood series for that past couple years about American mothers living with their families and children in another country. She interviews them and asks them to talk about their lives and the surprising things about raising a child in a foreign land. There are photos, stories, and so many interesting bits of information to take in – I’m obsessed! Check out the whole archive here!

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Etsy Round Up // Vol 25

Guys, it’s almost August, what! This summer is flying by, and we’re nowhere near ready to let it go. We’re embracing summer in full force (heat and all), and I think these Etsy items showcase summer in the best way – beautiful jewelry, hues of pink and purple, cocktail cups and more. Check em out…

il_fullxfull.1018237481_p4dd il_fullxfull.930925349_2m0z

^ I know, I know, a fanny pack…but it’s leather and cute! Perfect for bike rides and short spontaneous trips around town!

il_fullxfull.971656830_6xah il_fullxfull.996096553_5mi8

^ Those colors are speaking to me. They remind me of trips to Kansas in the summertime – steamy humid air, peachy sunsets and earthy grass tones. LOVE.

il_fullxfull.929517840_g1m8 il_fullxfull.948560504_m0bc

Druzy Rings // Rose Fanny Pack // Firefall Yosemite Candle //  LE Longhorn PRINT // Colored Pencils // Copper Cup

A Quick Night in Providence, RI

As mentioned in Friday’s Happy Weekend post, we were celebrating Christa’s boyfriend Curtis’s 30th birthday with a big surprise on Friday night! That surprise was getting 8 other good friends together for a night at The Dean Hotel in Providence, RI. We dined at the Providence Flatbread (we’re making the rounds to get to as many New England Flatbread’s as possible), hung out in our penthouse suite (we rented the whole top floor, which had 4 connected rooms with 2 living rooms!) and spend the remainder of the evening down in the karaoke bar before venturing out for 1am french fries:) It was perfect! Check out some pictures from our brief trip to Providence…

// The Dean Hotel

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{photo 6 provided by Lauren Kodiak, photos 8 & 9 by Brittany Gauthier}

// Flatbread Providence


^ The birthday boy himself:)

// North Bakery

This is one of our friend Lauren’s favorite spots in Providence. We got breakfast sammies and so many treats between us all – including the miso & brown butter cookie, the meringue with dark chocolate chips, a cinnamon roll and a regular chocolate chip cookie.

FullSizeRender copy{last image provided by Lauren Kodiak}

We had a lovely lovely time and can’t wait to visit again. It was a super easy trip for Reg coming in from Boston on the commuter line, and it’s a quick 1.5 hours from Hartford. We also noticed that Providence is a foodie town and we plan on coming back soon to eat our way through:)

Have you been to Providence? What is your favorite place to go when you visit?

Happy Weekend!

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TGIF! This weekend is going to be jam-packed-fun because Christa’s boyfriend Curtis is turning 30 on Monday (🎉), and special plans have been made:) They’re still secret, but keep an eye out on instagram for fun pics!

We’re back in the New England heat wave, so stay cool & enjoy your weekend, loves! xo

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rkv // I’ve never been a huge podcast person, but Jess Lively’s The Lively Show has me hooked as a great way to start my morning walk to work

cct // These descriptions for “What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Coping Technique” are shockingly accurate (for myself and the people in my life at least!)

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Loving Now // Culottes

Happy hump day, loves! So, I know my dad is cringing right now (he’s not a fan of culottes…), but man are we crushing hard. They’re just so easy breezy! As you’ll see from our round up – you can wear them with t-shirts, button downs, sneakers, wedges, heels – they’re unbelievably versatile, and we love versatile! Are you guys back on the culotte train? Another 70’s trend rolling through making a statement. 🙌

b5574699929ea5245bac458a389180a3 2f89de59f6139b90cafdc5a080937b3a654c6589157e7d70cd4090d1b33a3944 7f626b5ec6a22e14b05c2438be2337a9 3650f4f03329b4057bd64b224b69cf33 21a019f26b9714b226e70c97d50b764dd30f7e00a2f68b2a5d4122b7129eca5d



1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8// 9 // 10 // 11

Watermelon Salad (Part Deux)


We’ve had a couple watermelon recipes on the blog over the years – another Watermelon & Feta Salad and last week’s Watermelon Cucumber Coolers, but we’re not sick of watermelon yet😉 and hope you aren’t either! After a weekend of eating out, we’re excited to get back to our routines, and this easy watermelon salad fits right in for those plans!

Plate 1-1.5 cups of watermelon, add heaping spoonful of feta to crumble on top, finishing off with sprinkle of mint (chiffonade if you’re fancy).

And that’s it folks! You can fiddle with the ratio of watermelon to feta to mint – but however you decide to eat it, the mix of sweet & salty with a touch of herb, is delightful!

gm_WatermelonSalad_2 gm_WatermelonSalad_3 gm_WatermelonSalad_4

Stoneware plates by Xiao Crafted 


Happy Weekend!

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It’s a hot one, guys, but it’s Friday! We’re trying to stay cool & keep our heads up after another terrible world tragedy –❤ sending love to France.

Christa had family in from Germany (hi Alicia & Timm :)) yesterday so she & Curtis showed them around New Haven & Hartford, with a stop at Flatbread (duh). Reg has been busy busy at work, and we’re all ready for a loungey weekend. Stay cool and give hugs to your loved ones. xo G&M

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cct // Have you guys seen the instagram The Atlas of Beauty? Female photographer Mihaela Noroc travels and captures the natural beauty around the world showing the diversity of our planet through portraits of women – it’s gorgeous!

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Love, Want, Need // Beach Coverups and Speakers


With all of this warm weather and sunny days, we can’t help but dream about having our feet in the sand while we sit in our cubes. We’re loving ourselves some vintage inspired kaftan-style beach coverups & cutesy embroidered tops to throw on once you’ve had a little too much Vitamin D. And of course no beach day is complete without an easy-to-carry speaker. Seriously, grab yourself one if you don’t have on already, they make all outdoor gatherings that much better!

Love: H&M Dress // RFI6 Bluetooth Speaker

Want: Topshop Dress // SunnyLife Retro Sounds Speaker & Radio

Need: Zara Embroidered Dress // GSPON Speaker

Summer Style ’16 // Baggu

Summer calls for bags. You need a farmers’ market bag, a beach bag, an overnight bag, a going out bag, a work bag, a gym bag, a weekender bag…(ok ok, you get the point). And we should know, we’re self-proclaimed bag ladies and have no shame in that! Baggu has all of the bags right now, and we’re thinking we’d like one of each, plz!

Which is your favorite style or pattern?

SBAG_PECH_WTRM_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048SDFL_CBLT_CUTO_02_BCFR_OSHL_2048x2048 BKP4_CNVS_GRID_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 STCL_SDLE_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 LBCK_GREY_SLVR_02_BCBA_WBCK_1e7edd0b-a971-470f-962a-6fe65cca6347_2048x2048 BSCT_PSTL_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 FLPL_LVND_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 DUCK_CNVS_FLOR_01_PROD_0000_8eebc314-1a85-4d64-b0ca-cc83a080c5d9_2048x2048 LBAG_SDLE_0000_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 SBAG_BLSH_FLOR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 FZPM_BLSH_DOTT_02_CLOS_HNCL_2048x2048  MINP_GREY_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 3DZS_SAIL_STRP_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 MBAG_PSTL_0000_03_BCFR_OFRM_2048x2048 sbag_cblt_ctus_01_prod_0000_2048x2048 DUCK_BLCK_DASY_03_BCFR_OSHL_2048x2048

All images from Baggu


Happy Weekend!

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Wow, it’s Friday again! We’ve been dealing with some pretty nasty New England heat & humidity, so we’re thinking we’ll be moving at a snails pace this weekend. But that’s no problem, because we are A-okay with lazy summer days.

See ya Monday!

cct // Get ready to cry, people – this touching and gorgeous video makes me want to get a dog asap (not that I don’t already have doggy fever!)

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cct // Ugh, summer hair – frizz.

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