Love Want Need: Infinity and Beyond


How am I just now getting into infinity scarves? The concept is kind of brilliant. Never again will I be that crazy person walking down the sidewalk, fighting with the wind to keep my strategically placed scarf around my neck. The tail ends dramatically fly behind me, and I look like I’m trying to be in a glamour shot from the 40s (while failing miserably). These above finds are inexpensive, cute, and go perfectly with their glove/mitten winter companions. Now we can all be snug as a bug in a rug while we battle these windy upcoming months!

Shopping tip: when searching online for these scarves, see also “tube” scarf, or, if you’re fancy like¬†Urban Oufitters, “eternity” scarf.

Love: Chevron Infinity Scarf // Plush Knit Gloves

Want: Gray Ribbed Scarf // Cable Knit Mittens

Need: Navy Knobby Scarf // Convertible Mittens

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