Dad Gift Guide

Dad gifts can be hard. At this point in their lives they don’t NEED a lot of extra stuff, and what they really want is super expensive. I usually chip in with family members for the items they really want, but it never feels like enough, so I usually pick up something else to hand off on the day of.

It just so happens that my dad and my boyfriends dad are very similar, and both have November birthdays, so I try to keep both of them in mind while I shop. This particular list is spot on to their fun loving, grill master, manly man personalities.


Led Zepellin Shirt  // Skyfall DVD // Dean & Delcua BBQ Sauce //

Grill Book // Tool Box // Holga Camera

(PS the Holga is on sale for $43! Snag that price while you can!) *And please note that this list isn’t going to fit all “dad” personalities- this is what my dad is like, but Regina’s dad is TOTALLY different! What’s your dad like? Techy? Outdoorsy? Let us know, and we’ll do some more Dad Gift Guides!

– – – – –


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