Inspired by Europe: Rome

My brother just found out he will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy this up coming semester and I am so happy for him! And me…because I will be visiting him! He will have months to explore Italy and Europe and I can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories about his amazing experience.

Now that everything is official (his acceptance into the program, 2 week vacation approved), my family and I are starting to plan our April/May trip. The possibilities are endless and our minds keep wandering onto all of the places we can go. There is talk about visiting family in Germany, and/or them joining us in Italy, and I will do whatever! But my mom has her heart set on 2 places besides Florence- Rome and Cinque Terra. I had obviously heard about them and seen amazing pictures here and there, but when I saw Carin Olsson‘s photos from her recent trip to Rome, I feel in love. She captures an old world quality that I am dying to experience. Her photos are so warm and welcoming. Take a look:








I am planning to find more beautiful photos of the places we are hoping to visit, so stay tuned! [On the tentative list: Frankfurt, Nuremburg, Florence, Chianti, Cinque Terra]

Also- I’ve been listening to this adorable Anthropologie Italian inspired Spotify playlist, listen here to transport to Italy at work.

– – – – –


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