Velvety Goodies

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been as ambitious to find a piece of furniture as I was when it came to a velvet couch. It all started innocently enough, by scanning Pinterest and getting a “hm, that’s really pretty” feeling. But before I knew it, a fire ignited and I became crazed. I was constantly on websites like Wayfair, Joss & Main, and West Elm trying to figure out a way to make it happen. As it turns out, these pieces of statement furniture aren’t exactly the easiest to get a good deal on. You either need to be willing to splurge a bit, or make thrifting your new full time job. I chose the latter.

When I first moved into my current apartment a couple years back, it came furnished with the saddest excuse for a couch you’ll ever see. Seriously. It’s possible that something died on it. I wish I could show you, but your computer may catch flame. Not only was it hideous, but it was also a sofa bed on a third-floor winding staircase, so that ten-ton puppy wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. After living with the thing for an embarrassingly long span of time, velvet-couch-fever set in.

Images like these inspired my search:

Shot_4_001Shot_7_001-195b4560072129c71a51df1091e1441b9f401079851cb334f5c291b4886698121velvet1f862cdae16e961bac6b93574c54babc6cbea9422ff77d81399360e5e4a17767asources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Warning: you’re about to read my life story about the day I found my couch 

Now, rule #1 for me when thrifting for a specific piece is to not get discouraged right away if you can’t find it. These things take time, effort, and patience. You also need to be conscious of your location and timing. I live just outside of Boston and don’t have a car. So looking at items on Craigslist from a seller who isn’t walking distance and won’t deliver, probably isn’t my best bet. I knew that I had to find it at a vintage shop in my area that wouldn’t charge an outrageous amount for shipping. I also needed to act quickly. In my area, if you find something good, you sort of have to bite the bullet and go with your gut. Vintage items in Boston have a turnaround like you wouldn’t believe, so it’ll be gone in a flash.

Maybe it was just dumb luck and good timing, or maybe I’m a more gifted thrifter than I thought I was, but somehow the stars aligned and I found it. A peacock blue-green tufted velvet love-seat with not a scratch on it. It was like a magnet drew me in. My first test: comfort. I like to lounge. A LOT. I sat in it. Bingo. I could basically fall asleep right there in the store. Second test: my haggling skills. I was intimidated by this part because I don’t need to negotiate often. However, I did the math and realized the couch plus delivery would cost about $300, which was a smidge higher than I was prepared to spend. But praise those wonderful women who owned that store! Somehow my kind smile and obvious obsession with this piece talked them down to $250, including shipping!

But just when you thought you were safe…there’s still the ugly couch on my third floor. Well, I’ll have you know that I was on a roll that day, and talked my delivery men into removing that big ol’ thing for some extra $$. They [grudgingly] agreed, and swept it away to the land of gross couches. Side note: during this process, my potted plant fell on top of a mover and the soil fell down his pants…

So here she is! I took this while still in the store, sending it to my mom and Christa so they could justify my purchase for me. (They loved it)


It has some flaws, like the fact that the seat cover isn’t removable and I’ll have no idea how to clean it if it ever gets a bad stain, (dry cleaner?) but overall I’m in love!

And that’s the story of the girl who bought a velvet couch. The end!

So if you’re as infatuated with velvet as myself, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to buy an entire couch of it, here are some affordable pieces to luxe up yourself and your house.


1 // 2 // 3 // // 5

Any other textures like velvet you guys are using these days? We’d love to hear about them!

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