Orange Honey Butter

The Thanksgiving holidays are upon us! With tons of delicious, traditional food to compete with, I never know what to bring. I’ve been using this amazingly delicious and EASY recipe for a few years now at dinner parties and it never occurred to me how it would be a perfect addition to Thanksgiving. I cannot stress enough how easy this is. Seriously, just some butter, honey and an orange. I got my original recipe here, but it’s all about taste, so add or subtract as you go.gm_orangehoneybutter1gm_orangehoneybutter2I was a tad impatient with letting my butter come to room temp, and I don’t have a food processor, so I am embarrassed to admit I used a fork to mash up my butter a bit (oops). I would recommend to either let it sit out so it’s soft enough to mix with a utencil, or whip it up in the food processor to get that fluffy feel. As you can tell, since I did neither of those, mine is a little lumpy. I don’t mind, but for better presentation at a party I might pretty-it-up. Next up is the honey. gm_orangehoneybutter3gm_orangehoneybutter4Knowing me, I added a little more than was in the recipe because I like things sweet. So at this point, it’s a good time to mix it together, to see how it tastes. It should still taste like butter, but a little sweeter. Then zest away!gm_orangehoneybutter5gm_orangehoneybutter6At this point, zest your orange and mix it in – you should have some orange taste in every spread. I then added a little more on top for a garnish (this is totally optional).

Now you’re ready to spread on bread, muffins, biscuits, toast, crescent rolls- whatever!

I hope you find this as tasty and easy as I always have, it really is a fan favorite in our house. I will be whipping up some more on Wednesday to share with family at Thanksgiving, and if you’re blanking on a quick app, bring this with a baguette and you’re good to go!

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