Thanksgiving Outfits // Casual & Glam

My family celebrates Thanksgiving in a very old, very cold house. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (I love it), but when it comes to outfits, I can’t go all out. I have learned how to dress cute and cozy, but when I see all of the posts and pictures of the holiday glam look, I get a little jealous. So today I present to you 2 outfits, my practical casual look and my wishful thinking glam look. I might have to steal that glam look for Christmas or a holiday party…


My casual look is a jumble of textures, and that’s why I love it! The cozy sweater and half leather leggings will allow for over eating (my fav) while the hat and boots will make you feel like you’re not in your pjs when you get some fresh air and walk off a bit of food. And when you’re back, lounge around in those super chunky socks- no need for slippers!

My glam look makes me shiver thinking about wearing tights where I’m going, but nonetheless, I would love to wear it to a restaurant or modern (normal) house. The sparkle on top and bottom bring attention, but are still classy and family appropriate. The skirt- also stretchy and overeating ready- allow for a dressed up feel, while the opaque tights feel more like leggings so you don’t freeze in this chilly New England cold!

Get the looks here:

Casual: Sweater // Hat // Leggings // Socks // Boots

Glam: Top // Skirt // Belt // Tights // Flats (PS- JCrew Factory is having a 50% off everything sale, the top and skirt are from there!)

– – – – –


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