Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor

If your family is anything like mine, waiting until the last minute is basically a tradition in itself – and holiday decorations are no exception. Here are some quick and simple ideas on how to make an instagram-ready Thanksgiving table, with items you likely already have at home!

1. Branches, mason jars, twine, etc.


This image sort of just hits the turkey on the head when it comes to a rustic table setting. I love the combo of natural and glossy textures to create something unique and homey. Scavenge your backyard to find some branches for centerpieces. Evergreen would also look really lovely in mason jars as understated bouquets. Try wrapping some twine around the tops of the jars to add a little extra texture.

2. Linen or doily table runner

linen doily

These materials can be found at pretty much any craft store.

For the linens, simply buy a piece of fabric roughly ten inches longer than your table length, so it hangs off the edges. Cut the fabric to whatever width you prefer. Then using an iron-on-adhesive like this, fold all of the rough edges over and seal with the adhesive so you end up with one clean rectangular table runner.

For the doily version, you can use either fabric doilies or the paper kind. If you opt for fabric, simply stitch the edges together to form an organic flowing shape. If you take the paper route, use hot glue instead of thread. Then ta-da! Table runners galore!

3. Spray painted leftover Halloween pumpkins contemporary-holiday-decorations

Mini pumpkins are a great way to add a little color and shine to your table. Leave some their natural color, and spray paint other gold, silver or white. Pile them in a bowl or scatter them on the table. If you have a lot of little ones in your family, try a Thanksgiving-style Easter-egg hunt with them to keep the kiddies busy while that turkey roasts.

4. Dried leaf place cards


Using some flat dried leaves, and either a white-out pen or sharpie, create some place cards for each table setting.

5. DIY dessert stand


If you have yet to try this classic DIY, holiday parties are your perfect opportunity. You can really use anything flat as the tray, and anything tall and strong as the post. The two easiest materials would probably be old plates and candlestick holders. Use some gorilla glue to stack the plates and candle holders as you prefer, and allow to fully dry. These cute little stands add height and visual appeal to your dessert table.

Okay guys, you have ONE day to make that table pretty to display all of your wonderful wonderful food, now hop to it!

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