Advent Calendar Craze

Since my family is German, we’ve been doing advent calendars my whole life. I didn’t know other people didn’t do them until I got older and none of my friends showed as much enthusiasm for them as I did. But these days I’ve been seeing a resurgence – in a modern way, and I have been blown away by some of these creative and beautiful pieces! I’ll always have a soft spot for the traditional ones though; a small piece of paper with an adorable German landscape, with little woodland creatures coming to hang out with the school children in a beautiful old city! Here’s an example of one that might hang in my parents or grandparents’ home:gm_AdventCalendar_Vintage

Now onto the amazingly creative and modern advent calendars!gm_AdventCalendar_MerryThoughtRustic and cabiny, this nature inspired calendar is quite the focal point! Instructions on how to make this beauty can be found here.gm_AdventCalendar_OhHappyDayI absolutely love this one because my apartment is tiny, so this could totally work as a tree alternative as well! We usually get a mini tree, but this has such a presence! *Also, I had no idea that the fabric is from Ikea, and while I checked online and couldn’t find this one specifically (probably in store), I noticed so many other festive and fun fabrics.gm_AdventCalendar_AFewThingsThis homemade clean and crisp idea will fit into any home.gm_AdventCalendar_OhHappyDay2gm_AdventCalendar_OhHappyDay3Oh Happy Day! does it again with her adorably wild DIY ideas! These 2 completely different, but absolutely amazing projects double as full decoration on a sideboard or a bright and cheery wall hanging.gm_AdventCalendar_ChrisLovesJuliaA wooden refillable calendar to use for years and years. Beautifully made by Chris Loves Julia. gm_Advent_modernYour non traditional color schemes that will catch anyone’s attention! 1 // 2 // 3

There are so many fun ideas out there, and I hope next year I can get myself into gear early enough to come up with my own project! But for now, it’s just great to see how many other people out there appreciate the advent calendar as much as I do!

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