Last Minute Christmas Decor

With only FIVE DAYS left until the big day, chances are that you’ll be hosting a person (or 20) at your house soon. Here are some quick and festive ways to amp up your place, so it’s as holiday ready as an elf on steroids on Christmas Eve.

1. Framed stamp art


Using a rubber stamp from your local craft store and some paper of your choice, simply swap out some of the framed art you already have on your wall or mantel. Simple as that, and you’re done!

2. DIY printed gift wrap


Since you’re already in stamping mode, you can make some custom wrapping paper as well. Flip a brown paper bag inside out, grab some white paint, and an eraser or paint brush. Dip your eraser or brush into the paint, stamp wherever you’d like on the paper and then craft away! Allow to fully dry, then top it off with some string and a sprig of needles from your x-mas tree.

*Tip – you can also make patterns using a handmade potato stamp

3. Bundles of pine needles


Gather some fallen pine needles and cones from your yard and tie together with some twine or string. Hang upside down wherever it suits you! They also look adorable grouped together to create a larger statement piece.

4. Tree-shaped dessert or table toppers79ideas_black_paper_trees 79ideas_christmas_tree_in_a_jar

Crazy easy tutorial for these little buggers can be found here. All you need is thick paper and scissors. The more the merrier!

5. Pine cone string

DIY with the Sweetest OccasionLeave your pine cones as-is, or get a little fancy and gold leaf them as seen here. Either way, it’s a fast and affordable way to decorate your mantel, window, or doorway.

You can probably get all of these things done in just a couple of hours. So make a cocktail, turn up the tunes, and have at it!

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