Favorite Winter Beauty Products

With the dry months upon us, sometimes a change is needed when it comes to our daily routines. My mom is a Sephora representative and loves to give me her input…her advice? Keep it simple and gentle. Too many products or treatments can dry you out, so make sure to streamline them to keep it easy and natural. Here are some of our favorite products to keep your skin and hair happy and healthy during these cold winter months.

beauty_product1. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Conditioner // My curly hair gets dry dry dry this time of year. This conditioner helps to keep the moisture in check so my ends don’t freak.

2. Rosebud Salve // I’ve been using this stuff for years – it’s minty and effective. Rub it on your lips or cuticles when they dry up, or even around your nose before bed when it gets dry from all that blowing!

3. Sephora Matte Blush in Cool Rose // On a usual basis, I don’t like a lot of shimmer on my face because it feels too artificial. This matte powder blush makes my cheeks look fresh like I just came inside from a brisk walk.

4. Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover // My mom just introduced me to this little number, and I’m totally smitten. Douse the edges of your cuticles with the gel and allow it to sit for a minute or two. Using a cuticle pusher, gently push back and watch as your cuticles transform from flaky to phenomenal.

5. Essie in After School Boy Blazer // Navy – clean, glossy, and classic. It’s hard to go wrong with this sharp color this season.

6. Clinique Even Better Moisturizer // This stuff is creamy, smoothing, and sort of miraculous. It does what it claims – evens your skin’s appearance. Several years ago a sun spot appeared on my cheek. It was pretty obvious, and Christa and I joked that it sort of looked like a brownie crumb. I’m a pretty pleased customer because about two years ago this product completely banished the spot. Love that!

7. Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Shampoo // It smells great and cleans my hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils, which is essential for not drying it out.

8. Sephora Detangling Brush // I just recently started to brush out my hair after I’ve curled it. I love the 1940s siren waves it gives me. It also distributes the oils in my hair so I can easily go longer without washing (along with the help of some dry shampoo).

9. Body Dry Brush // These little buggers are very effective for sloughing off the flakiness that can easily build up on the backs of arms and legs. Gently move in circles to circulate skin before jumping in the shower. It’ll tickle at first but you’ll get used to it.

10. Mario Badescu Body Wash // I’ve just started using this a couple of weeks ago but so far I’m a big fan. It prevents my skin from breakouts but doesn’t dry me out in the process.

11. Sephora Liquid Liner // This is a great time of year for a clean, matte cat-eye. This liner is affordable and makes those eyes sassy.

12. Flowerbomb // Carrying rollers in my bag is my new favorite thing – they’re much more affordable than an entire bottle, so you can switch them easily with the season. This is a strong scent, but it makes me feel fresh and pretty.

13. Benefit Foamingly Clean Facewash // This stuff is great. It removes makeup quickly, unclogs pores, and doesn’t dry me out. I’ve been on this boat for years.

14. Kiehls Body Lotion // During the winter I need something thick and creamy for my legs and arms. Cue in Keihls. Their products are super effective, especially when it comes to moisture.

Hopefully these will help to keep you happy and glowing this winter season!

– – – – –


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