Swamplandia! Outfit Pairing

With our resolution of reading more in 2014 underway, I thought a fashion/book mash-up would be fun! My lovely boyfriend got me the new Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday in December (so I’ll be reading up a storm) but right before that, my super-reader Aunt sent me a package of a few books, one being Swamplandia!. I had never heard of it, but the cover was cool (yeah I judge books by their covers, I’m a graphic designer), and it ended up being one of my favorite books of the year.

Swamplandia!, written by Karen Russel in 2011, takes place off the coast of Florida, where 13 year-old Ava Bigtree and her family own an alligator wrestling theme park (loose term). Her mother is the star wrestler and park attraction, but after learning she has ovarian cancer the park has to shut down, and the family is stuck figuring out how they’ll keep themselves afloat. While the financial burdens fall on Ava’s father, The Chief, and older brother, Kiwi, the day to day upkeep and emotional strain hit Ava and her sister Ossie pretty hard. The Chief and Kiwi leave the island in search of ways to save the family while Ava & Ossie stay alone on the island. Ossie acts out by becoming completely intertwined in the after-life and underworld causing a lot of tension between Ava and Ossie, when one night Ossie runs away from home. Ava, now completely alone and confused goes in search for her sister, encountering a life changing adventure on the way.


It’s hot and humid in the swamps of Florida, so a white breezy shirt with allow for as much air flow as possible, and shorts are a no brainer. A playful hat will keep the blazing sun from your eyes as you’re exploring the winding channels of the Florida back country coast. Trusty converse will allow for comfort on your long journey, and the ability to run from your past or future. The nautical sweatshirt reminds you of your sister and her sailor ghost stories and will keep you warm on those dark and lonely nights. And lastly, your bird scarf will show your uncertain love for your new trail buddy, The Birdman.

I hope you have a chance to read this wonderful book and this outfit will all make sense. In the mean time, it’s a pretty cute getup for an outdoor adventure!

Book // Hat // Hoodie // Shirt // Scarf // Sneakers // Shorts *PS most of these items are on sale due to the awesome after holidays sales! image via

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