Five Minute Date Makeup

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a wonderful weekend, and although it’s only Monday, I’m sure some of you are already dreaming of the weekend. Here is a simple make up tutorial for a midweek after-work hang out, whether it be with that guy you’ve just started seeing or drinks with your girlfriends!

I’m very simple when it comes to make up on a day to day basis, and honestly I don’t mind…I can’t imagine having to wake up any earlier (I need my sleep!). So this is my basic makeup routine with a little extra pizazz for your after-work meet up!GM_Beauty_1_GM_Beauty_2_

*Make sure to bronze a little below your cheek bones (do the unflattering fishy face and sweep a little bronzer into your hollowed cheeks). With blush, whether it be cream blush or powdered blush – brush onto the apples of your cheeks and bring back towards your ears. A little can go along way with some blushes, so play around at home a few times before heading out in public.


Use your most dramatic mascara for your date! You might feel a little weird at work with your fullest lashes, but you’ll be happy you do when you head out after a long day and your lashes are still flirty and full.


The highlighter is the beginning of your date night look, it brings just the right amount of attention to your eyes and is a little sassier than your work makeup.


The greatest thing about a lot lip stains are that they can also be used on your cheeks! So if you’re feeling a little drab after work, pop this on both your lips AND cheeks.

And then you’re done! After just a little bit of concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, and mascara you’re ready for work, and then you can transform yourself for that date night with a little highlighter and lip color – easy peasy!


My everyday products:

Face: Garnier Dark Circle Roller // Smashbox Concealer // Cover Girl Loose Powder // NYC Color Wheel Bronzer // Sephora Collection Blush // Benefit High Beam Highlighter

Eyes: NYX Eyeliner // Shiseido Eyelash Curler // Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara

Lips: Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain

Gap Sweater // Kathleen Whitaker Staple Earrings // Vintage Turquoise Ring // Silver Wave Ring // Midi & Pinky Rings

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