Last Minute Decor // Valentine’s Day

Yet another holiday is upon us…and do you know what that means for Gardenias & Mint?…last minute decor ideas – Valentine’s Day edition! Here are some easy ways to spice up your home for your Valentine or Gal-entine.

1 // Eraser heart-stamps


Cotton & Flax has a great diy for adding a little valentine-jazz to plain cards. Cut a heart-shape out of an eraser head, add a little ink, and stamp away!

2 // XOXO pancakes


Pour your favorite batter into a large ziplock baggie. Push out excess air before sealing, then snip a little hole into one of the bottom corners. Heat up and butter your skillet and squeeze your cute little shapes onto the pan! Add some red berries and powdered sugar for a little extra garnish.

3 // Heart shaped rice krispie treats


While we’re on the subject of food, why not use that random heart-shaped cookie cutter you’ve got lying around to make some more treats? Make your rice krispie-treats as you usually would, laying out flat on parchment paper. While they’re still hot, add some festive sprinkles. Allow to fully cool, then use your cutter to firmly press down, and you’re done! (*for extra indulgence dip into melted chocolate!)

4 // Balloons!


Grab a dozen or so helium balloons from your nearby party store (most grocery stores also have them). Then begin arranging! Add little weights to the end of each one, or tape to the ground. Step back every so often to make sure your heart is symmetrical. This will make a great little backdrop for pictures or your dinner date.

5 // Ombre-wrapping paper


The House that Lars Built has so many great diys, but this one is so easy! Grab some white butcher paper, and three cans of spray paint (three shades of one color). Start at one end with the darkest color, spraying until 1/3 of the sheet of paper is covered. Fill the second third of the paper with the second darkest color, and the last third with the lightest. Allow to dry, and you’re done! Then top with a bow and a love note!

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