Happy Weekend!

HappyWeekend_4{Image via}

The Winter Olympics have officially started, yay! We hope you have a wonderful weekend, can catch some extreme sports and enjoy these links!

cct // this treat sounds amazing and so bad for you, aka the perfect combo

rkv // Every once in a while I love to bring biscotti into my office on Fridays so my coworkers and I can have a quick coffee talk. Usually I buy it from Trader Joe’s, but I’ve been trying to make a homemade version.

cct // I am so saddened by Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing, and although this is a controversial story, it’s a very interesting read

rkv // Since I love to bake so much, I get super frustrated when my brown sugar solidifies into on giant rock form. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to quickly fix that.

cct // this is just too cute, I hope you all can master it!

rkv // I try to eat seasonally, here’s a list of some February seasonal produce

cct // keds are stepping up their game! Loving all of these

rkv // Loving on this diy Traveling Stamp project Рcute and easy way to add more art to your home while connecting to other bloggers!

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