1 Item, 3 Ways // Ankle Jeans

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Ankle jeans have become a major trend lately, but we’ve been hearing some so-so opinions on them, mainly because they can be a style challenge. Well, we’re here to tell you that we love them, and even though it’s not quite warm enough to rock all of these looks, our minds are on vacation to warmer places. So go on ladies, be a little scandalous and flash a little ankle.

01. Lisi Lerch Earrings // Zara cropped jacket // River Island blouse // Ray Ban sunnies // Samudra clutch // Isola pumps

02. H&M trench // Madewell blouse // Forever 21 necklace // H&M satchel // Urban Outfitters flats

03. H&M button up // Bauble Bar necklace // Madewell bracelet // Asos satchel // Old Navy booties

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