Etsy Round Up // Vol. 4

With the full winter chill upon us, I noticed how appropriately “neutral” all of these Etsy picks ended up being. These pale and pastel colors hint at spring without getting too bright. Either way, I want them all and I hope you enjoy browsing through them as much as I do!


This beautiful photograph tricked me at first…I thought these were bangles, but they’re rings! I was actually pleasantly surprised by them being rings though, because I have issues getting bangles to fit over my large hangs (sad face). If you’d like to see her gorgeous bangles as well, you can see them here.


Getting excited for spring and summer drinks – I would be happy to show off this stylish muddler. The stars are too cute!


These gorgeous cups are actually made by our good friend Xiao! Aren’t they lovely?


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

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3 thoughts on “Etsy Round Up // Vol. 4

    • Thanks, Meg! Yours is looking great as well!

      Our story is so similar to yours! Christa and I go way back, but now I’m living in Boston and she’s in Hartford – we love how G&M keeps us creative and connected.

      Keep in touch, girl!

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