Wild Outfit Pairing

It took me about a year to finally read Wild by Cheryl Strayed after I had decided I wanted to read it. Once it became a New York Times best seller & apart of Oprah’s Book Club, it was checked out of every library within driving distance…and FINALLY I got my hands on it! I loved it, and after talking to many friends who have recently read it, it was evident how this story really makes you think about your own life. With that being said, you don’t need to do a solo-hike into some of the hardest hiking trails in the country just to find yourself, but this story can help put things into perspective.

Cheryl, a 26 year old struggling with the untimely death of her mother, issues with drugs, and the inevitable failure of her marriage, decides to get out of Minnesota. With no backpacking experience and a broken heart, Cheryl starts on her solo journey on the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert to the boarder of Washington State to find herself. With where to settle up in the air, Portland Oregon will do for now.

*I know that might be a short description, but the joys and hardships in the book are better described by Cheryl herself – get reading!


Although the trail and your past are behind you, somethings never die – like your general sense of wanting to wear comfy clothes. This tie dye shirt is the perfect combo of lived in, slinky, and a tad bit hippie. Your Bob Marley shirt might not be around anymore, but this will do. You’re done with sports bras for good and love the feeling of slipping into something sexier like this lacy black bra. And those jeans. They may seem like regular jeans to everyone else, but after months of gym shorts – hip hugging jeans are damn sexy. The idea of having a purse seems so foreign after barely having any money to store and always having a MASSIVE pack on your back. But you can’t give up that feeling, so a lightweight leather backpack will be the perfect alternative. After having many issues with shoes throughout your trip, a new pair of dependable footwear/boots will give tribute to your travels. And lastly, another nod to Portland – the parka. This weather might seem mild compared to Minnesota, but a light pink jacket will help add some girl factor back into your life.

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Tie Dye Tshirt // Black Lacy Bra // Pink Lightweight Parka // Jeans // Leather Backpack // Leather Hiking Boots

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