The Oscars // Fashion

Obviously we couldn’t start off this week without talking about our Oscar fashion favorites. These ladies and gents pulled out all the stops to look their freshest, and we can’t help but notice. Here are some of our tops picks from the evening…

emma-watson_20192669317.jpg_gallery_maxcate-blanchett_193056517901.jpg_gallery_maxsandra-bullock_200853621126.jpg_gallery_maxlupita-nyongo_193555600701.jpg_gallery_maxangelina-jolie_201925575881.jpg_gallery_maxnaomi-watts_191418337515.jpg_gallery_maxolivia-wilde_191419309027.jpg_gallery_maxjennifer-garner_203814208842.jpg_gallery_max846x-1 rs_634x1024-140302165209-634.kate-hudson-oscars-030214846x-2rs_634x1024-140302161332-634.Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-Oscars-jmd-020314

And congratulations to all of the amazing people involved in these movies, the actors, actresses, directors, producers, costume designers, visual effects production, writing, etc. You’re all amazing, even if you didn’t win!

{images from here & here}

3 thoughts on “The Oscars // Fashion

  1. I thought Lupita was gorgeous and a show stopper on the red carpet, but Sandra Bullock was beautiful as well. Love that blue on her! I guess blue was the winning color. But everyone looks so lovely as well. Great Post!


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