Happy Weekend!

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Happy almost weekend everyone! I keep going back and forth on whether this week flew by or dragged…either way, it was an odd one, and we are extremely excited it’s Friday! The New England weather is bringing in April showers a few days early, so our weekend will most likely be super loungey (we’re ok with that). Stay dry out there and enjoy our Friday links! xo G&M

rkv // 10 Ways to Market Your New Blog or Website

cct // My newest folk song obsession from Inside Llewyn Davis – it’s so sad & beautiful

rkv // This is the most ridiculous looking hair contraption I’ve ever seen, yet I’m so intrigued!!

cct // Did you guys hear about the crazy story behind this stolen/recovered Renoir painting??

cct // How fantastic is this hops based skin & hair care line? They’ve got some stellar packaging as well!

rkv // How to clean your place for guests in 20 minutes

cct // This mint mocha shake sounds divine! Warm weather come sooner…

rkv // I recently made this skinny crock pot chicken chili and it has lasted me like 8 full meals. Freeze half of it and you’re good to go for quite some time!

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