EuroTrip // Germany & Italy


Words cannot express how excited I am for my family’s little EuroTrip! It is going to be the perfect blend of exploration, relaxation & family time that I need so desperately right now. I’ve been missing my brother Nick a whole lot, and seeing him in Florence in his element will be amazing! It started off as just a trip to Italy, but since Europe is surprisingly small, we started day dreaming about where else we could go. My boyfriend Curtis hasn’t been to Germany, so we wanted to find a way to get there as well – but we probably wouldn’t have actually acted on adding it to our itinerary without the assistance from my grandparents, Oma & Opa, who will be joining us. My Opa grew up there and they got married there, so we’ll be visiting their old stomping grounds and seeing other family who still lives there.

SO – the itinerary is a little loop of Germany {Frankfurt –> Munich –> Nuremburg –> Schlüchtern –> Frankfurt}, then a short flight over from Frankfurt to Pisa on RyanAir and into Florence for the remainder of the trip. This is where we will be meeting up with my parents along with other family members joining us from Germany (full house!) and spending most of our time. We hope to make it to Cinque Terre for a day trip, possibly another day trip to Rome, and definitely some wine tasting in Tuscany. As you may guess I am extremely pumped! I’m off tomorrow afternoon but Reg will be holding down the fort on G&M, so things will be as smooth as ever! I will post a million photos when I return and hopefully get some outfit posts from cute alleyways and cafes as well! See you in 2 weeks! xo Christa

*PS – anyone remember this?

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2 thoughts on “EuroTrip // Germany & Italy

  1. Happy travels!! I’m envious of your upcoming plans! I’ve visited Germany with my grandfather (whom I also call Opa!), and it was a truly special experience. I loved hearing about his life as he remembered it in Germany. I’ve also visited Cinque Terre – I seriously recommend it! We hiked between 3 towns and it was absolutely beautiful. I also had the best pesto of my life there. I can’t wait to hear about your trip! xo Kelby

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