Etsy Round Up // Vol 7

This month’s Etsy Round Up is capturing the moodiness of spring – bright greens (finally things are turning green!) and mysterious darks (gloomy rain clouds hopefully bringing more flowers). Spring is a very unpredictable season, 80° one day and then 55° the next, but that’s not stoping us from ogling online at these gorgeous Etsy items!

il_fullxfull.587072900_5g8uil_fullxfull.570452816_d9joil_fullxfull.588337184_dq61 copy

These might be the most beautiful temporary tattoos I’ve ever seen! I think someday I’ll get a tattoo, but in the mean time – these will definitely do!


Since seeing this fun-loving print at the Sequins & Stripes office, I’ve become obsessed! Finding an alternative option on Etsy was such a treat!

Herb Card // Fig & Jasmine Candle // Vintage Dutch ‘Delfts Blauw’ Floral Temporary Tattoo (1, 2) // Black Glass Pyramid Display Box // Earl Grey Tea Shea Butter Soap // Palm Print Cushion Cover


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