Room Refresh // Summer Lodge Bedroom

Although we’re approaching summer and the idea of a cozy cabin isn’t as strong as it was a month ago, who can resist a bedroom that is one with nature and has comfy fabrics to boot? People should be opening their summer homes and cabins for the season soon, so think more along the lines of linen sheets, vintage wall paper and breezy windows – pretty great huh?

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{image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7}

And of course we know that there is a fine line between old & dated, and cool & vintage. It’s about mixing actual vintage with updated vintage looking items, adding the right amount of texture and pattern, and the quality of your pieces. Vintage blankets are nice until the mice got to it and you now have huge holes…toss it, you won’t look more authentic, you’ll look scrubby. So keep up with your cabin look and people will be inviting themselves over summer after summer!

Get this easy breezy summer cabin look with these pieces:


Bedding // Mirror // Bee Vase (it’s actually a cup, but we’re trying something different) // Pouf // Bunny Pillow // Wooden Storage Box // Metal Side Table



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