Happy Weekend!

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Ello ello! This weekend G&M heads to New Hampshire for some hiking, lounging, and blueberry picking. We’re excited for a nice little weekend of rural woodsy goodness with some surrious r&r. Hope you all have lovely weekends ahead of you!

cct // We offered up our 5 “do’s” for flea market shopping and Apartment Therapy has some great “don’ts”

rkv // I just ordered this powerful little portable speaker in white, and am very impressed so far

cct // Emily Henderson with another fantastic DIY that I need to do asap!

rkv // Have you guys seen this chick dominating American Ninja Warrior yet?? It’s freaking amazing.

cct // This song is my new jam (I’m not sure how I feel about the video, but still lovin the song)

rkv // Flat belly foods

cct // I’ve been finding hula hoops all over the place these days (I’m actually pretty good at it), and it finally clicked that I should do some hula hoop exercises! I’m looking into a weighted hula hoop like this one and it seems like there are a ton of fitness routines out there

rkv //  Blueberries, blueberries, and more blueberries.


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