Brimfield & 3 More Tips for Flea Marketing

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Brimfield was a blast as usual, but this trip tested me on a few levels, and I’m here to share some more tips on how to come out of Brimfield with as much ease as possible.

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01 // Prepare for the Big Stuff
If you’re planning on coming home with anything big…bring a cart, wagon, dolly – anything to help aid you. And here is why, you’re not going to want to deal with traffic, and driving over to the area you bought this item, and you’re going to carry it. And hate yourself for doing so. I have been on both ends of the situation of being asked to help a friend carry something heavy, and asking a friend to help me, and it sucked both ways. For the most part it’s doable, but man does it help to have something to take the weight!

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02 // Prep for Weather
Brimfield covers spring, summer and fall, and any weather can happen. This weekend was extreme heat and humidity. Each farmers’ market or flea market will be different, so even if you find out they have areas to fill up or buy water, bring some of your own just in case. Drinks and snacks are always a good idea (and sunscreen!). And since we’re heading into fall, be prepared for some rainy or nippy weather. Throw a reusable bag in your car with extra layers so you can add or subtract as you go.

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03 // Pay Attention to Parking

It seems like a no-brainer, but where you’re parked and where you’re headed can make a big impact on how your day and your purchases go. We mentioned bringing a dolly since you’re not going to want to brave extra traffic, but my biggest tip is try to find the secret ways in and out of these big flea markets. It might not happen the 1st time you go, but pay attention to a map and figure out where you’ve been coming in and out, and how bad the traffic is. If it’s bad, see if there are any side streets that lead to the main strip. We’ve got a prime spot that let’s us miss all traffic in and out of Brimfield (hence why so opposed on getting into the mess to pick anything up from another lot). These areas sometimes have the best prices for marking also, since it’s not the 1st lot you see or settle on.



I hope these added tips help! Now that we’re heading into fall, you’ll probably be heading out to more flea markets – have you guys been to the Mansfield Drive-in or the Elephant’s Trunk (my next venture!)? They’re the big CT flea markets. Where do you guys do your thrifting?

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