Happy Weekend

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Holy wow, where did this week go? I guess it’s not such a bad thing, having the days fly by and then suddenly it’s Friday. I’m sure we’re all in serious need of it.

So as some of you may have noticed, this only our third post this week. Since the beginning of G&M nearly one year ago (that sounds so epic), we’ve been pretty loyal to our five-post-a-week cycle. We stuck with it because simply, we loved when other blogs did it. We loved waking up in the morning, checking out our favorite feeds, and starting our days by reading something new in the blog-o-sphere.

But lately, we’ve been noticing it to be a bit of a challenge to keep up. We’re slackin’, and we don’t wanna be! When we embarked on this project of ours, we did it because we loved it. We wanted to find a way to stay creative and connected, even in our different cities. But we’re beginning to realize that adulthood involves a whole lot of work-life balance — and it is not an easy act to toggle.

So we’ve restructured things over here just a bit. We’ve decided to get on a three-post-a-week schedule, which will usually fall on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We’re trying to put an end to the half-assed scrambling that has occurred a time or two (see Mom, college did teach us something!).

We still love this little creation of ours and plan to keep it going strong! And thanks so much to everyone for being such loyal followers — having you all stop by here really does make our day! So stay tuned with our new schedule, we don’t plan to disappoint!

Have you guys been finding it hard to find a life balance? No one ever warns you about this stuff, man. Ok. The rant’s over. Here are our links! xo G&M

rkv // Toasted almond chocolate chip cookie recipe

cct // Home envy is real, here are a few ways to stop being envious and start being productive!

rkv //  This image made me very happy

cct // I’ve never been a perfume girl (but I wanna be!), so I think I might try this scent out for Fall – I’ve always been attracted to the scents that are bit more masculine.

rkv // Three rules for clump-free lashes

cct // I need more pompoms in my life – these (here & here) DIYs seem pretty great. Don’t be suprised if you see some pompoms hit the blog sometime in the near future…

rkv //  Best red lipsticks tested by Oh Happy Day

cct // We’re still binge eating peaches, but we’ve been thinking lately about how to bake with them. Curtis made a peach pie last night (delishhh), but I’ve been eyeing this delicious recipe...

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