October Pizza Club // Luna Pizza


Our Pizza Club meeting at Luna Pizza was a success (as we expected!). Kait and I have been fans of Luna for awhile now, and wanted to pass along our beloved white pizza to Lauren & Nina. It was dark out by the time we were able to get out of work, so unfortunately no outside pics, and the lighting was pretty dim inside (as you probably can tell), alas only a couple pictures this time.


Kait and I both ordered a white pizza, mine with broccoli and hers gluten free with spinach – and they did not disappoint. There is another Luna Pizza in Avon, and I would come in for slices of white on my lunch break far too often. Personally I’m not a fan of Luna’s sauce and cheese ratio (way more sauce then cheese), so I stick to the white.



This is Kait’s favorite gluten free crust in the area, so she was game to eat here. It isn’t too sweet and always cooked well. A 5 out of 5 for Kait!


Lauren & Nina split a medium clam pizza and while it was definitely good, it wasn’t their favorite. As you can see, it was chock full of clams – almost too many clams. And there wasn’t enough cheese for these cheese lovers. Overall they enjoyed it, but might consider something else next time.

We had a lovely evening chatting away, and inhaling pizza  – so we give Luna 4 stars!

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