Sweet Beats // October 2014


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I have been feelin’ on the spook factor these days. All I want to do in October is drink pumpkin beer (Pumking is my newest fave) while I watch anything freaky. I’m a big fan of the classics like Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, Silence of the Lambs, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Eat, Pray, Love (hah, jk). Since I had never seen any Hitchcock films, a friend of mine recently leant me a few from his collection. This past Friday I finally saw Vertigo, and I think tomorrow night may be Psycho. My roommates and I have also been trying out some newer stuff, this month has basically just been one massive Walking Dead binge-fest (luh you Daryl!).

Another wonderful thing about this month, is that I get to listen to screechy garage rock and eerie 60s tunes incessantly. So this is what I bring to you today, friends. I hope it makes you feel ghoulish.

Click here for a link on Spotify.

october 2014

spooky // dusty springfield

ana // los saicos

my body’s a zombie for you // dead man’s bones

i put a spell on you // creedence clearwater revival

straight to hell // the clash

out of limits // the challengers

recurring // allah-las

too much in love // the king khan & bbq show

poison ivy // bleached

i walked with a zombie // ricky erickson

werewolf // carl bonafede

we’re laughing // the psychedelic aliens

haunting eyes // baron

you’re gonna miss me // the 13th floor elevators

evil hoodoo // the seeds

dig a little deeper // the cherokees

wondrous place // the cherokees

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