VERY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Oh no wayyy, we all slacked on Halloween again. Don’t worry — WE GOT YOU.

01. Holly Golightly


You need: black dress, stunner shades, and the tiara that you obviously have lying around (or any sparkly barrette). Feline friend optional.

02. Annie Hall


You need: white button down, vest, khakis, felt hat, and necktie. Bonus points: loafers, oversized glasses, and neurotic boyfriend.

03. Rosie the Riveter


You need: collared shirt, red bandana, liquid liner, and a ticket to the gun show.

04. Wednesday Addams


You need: black crew-neck shirt or dress, white collared shirt, two side braids, and a general morose demeanor.

05. Flapper 


You need: LBD  (you know you’ve been waiting for a chance to wear that trendy F21 drop waist you got on a whim), heels, those long pearls you got in high school & that cigarette you told yourself you wouldn’t smoke tonight

You know you’re creative enough to make one of these happen – Happy Halloween!

Image sources: Holly Golightly // Annie Hall // Rosie the Riveter // Wednesday Addams // Flapper

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