Happy Weekend!

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Good morning loves. What do you all have going on this weekend? Christa and I are both knees deep in packing mode, lots to get done before our big apartment moves! My roommate and I will be picking out some new paint colors for our entry way and kitchen. We’re thinking a pretty pale gray to make the spaces feel light & airy with the hardwood floors and high ceilings, what do you think? Have a lovely weekend, all!

cct // These ladies have some cutie kitties, and I love seeing fun and unique pet names! 

rkv // Stumbled upon this blog and looove her photo style

cct // These photos are magnificent, but you gotta check the video out at the end

rkv // Body brushes! These things are great — they slough off flakey skin, increase circulation, and make me nice & soft

cct // I love hearing how young women get their start with their own business (and I love vintage jewelry!)

rkv // 3 colorful cocktails for last minute entertaining

cct //  I don’t really drink coffee, but this gorgeous DIY would be a perfect gift for a coffee lover in your life!

rkv // Speaking of coffee… my boyfriend picked up one of these bad boys recently, and I’m definitely considering it for my new apartment. I love me some frothy milk!

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