Etsy Round Up // Vol. 17

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Although the weather wasn’t great, our company was! A weekend full of friends and fun. We had at least 2 people sleeping over on both Friday & Saturday night, and it was perfect. All that entertaining got me excited for the rest of the summer – sitting out on the deck, having drinks with friends, and staying up late. This month’s Etsy Round Up reminds me of those things. Take a look yourself…


Although I have no connection to Virginia, this print (along with the Kansas, New York and California prints) are beautiful! My parents have a gorgeous dogwood in the front yard, so maybe that’s why I like it so much 🙂


Between taking printmaking classes in college and working at a letterpress studio for a bit, this adorable play on an ink container is super adorable!


How cute are these little flamingo stirrers?!

 Concrete Table Lamp
Virginia State Flower Print

“Little Swimmers” Silk Scarf
Mandarin + Citrus Soy Candle 
No.1 Fiber Tassel Necklace 
Flamingo Acrylic Stir Stick 

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