Makeshift Flower Vases


Being a designer, I am drawn to pretty things. I’m also prone to not throwing away pretty things that I should, because well, they’re pretty. So what do you do with those beautiful shot glasses you know you won’t be using anymore? Or that gorgeous tea tin you just can’t toss? Well, why not make them prettier, and actually useful by turning them into vases!


Items you will need:

  1. Old containers, preferably glass or metal so they hold water for fresh cut flowers (if you decided to go with a dried plant like eucalyptus, then don’t worry about material)
  2. Flowers of your choice!

gm_RecyledVases_2 gm_RecyledVases_3

Honestly, that’s it! I know it seems like it can’t possibly be that easy, but it is. And while I do love buying vases (I just purchased this beauty), you really don’t need to buy them – you’d be surprised by how many things you have around the house that could be used to hold beautiful flowers.

And the best part about having unique vases is their versatility – check out how different and gorgeous these flowers look in different locations around the house…


On a side table


On the bar


For entertaining


To keep other plants company

Do you have any items around the house you could convert into a vase? We’d love to see them! Hashtag #gardeniasandmint on instagram to show us what you’ve got! Happy hunting 🙂

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