Homemade Lemonade with Maple Syrup


You may have made traditional lemonade before, but this batch has something a little different – maple syrup instead of sugar! It’s the Flatbread style, and it’s become our style. Back in the day when Regina, Curtis and I all worked at Flatbread, having a server make you a lemonade was a glorious thing! It has since been a fun treat to make at home and we’re excited for you guys to give it a try!


Maple Syrup
Ice Cubes

…Easy, right!


Your preference of sweet or tart lemonade will guide your lemon juice, maple syrup and water ratios. I’ve only ever seen or personally made this mixture one drink at a time, so grab about 2-4 lemons per cup, your jar of maple syrup and a pitcher of water – then get to mixin!

Cut and squeeze the juice of 2-4 lemons into glass. Pour in desired maple syrup (enough to coat the bottom is usually a good start). Next add water and stir! At this point you can add more maple syrup or lemon juice to even out your drink to your liking.

And enjoy! 🙂


*Photos of me cutting & pouring taken by Ernesta McIntosh



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