Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float


Happy Labor Day, friends! Hope your long weekend is going well. We hung out in Boston the past few days and had a blast! We shopped, we ate pizza, we brunched, and we danced – it was grand! This warm weather is throwing us for a loop, but at least makes for a great day off. We thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give the Not Your Father’s Root Beer float a try! Have you had this root beer beer? It’s cray! It honestly tastes just like root beer!


Ingredients (1 beer makes 2 floats):
Not Your Father’s Root Beer
Vanilla Ice Cream
2 Cups & 2 Spoons

And that’s it! Another easy peasy recipe for you guys!

*Just a note and reminder that although the beer tastes super sweet on it’s own, once mixed with the ice cream it does get it’s beery taste back a little bit, so don’t expect the exact taste of a normal root beer float. That being said, it’s great and it’s fun – so enjoy!*


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