Happy Weekend

happyweekend{image via}

We know it was a short week and all, but that doesn’t make Friday any less joyful! Cheers to the glorious weekend, hope it’s a good one for y’all!

cct // Guys, food tweets are the best…

rkv // Primark just opened it’s doors to it’s first U.S. location in Boston… May need to take looksie on my way home from work this evening

cct // I don’t have a small fridge, but I think it would be great – this break down of how to organize a smaller fridge (or any fridge really) is super helpful

rkv // This movie selecting site is a little brilliant

cct // Just because it’s hilarious…Guitar Solo Faces Make A Lot More Sense When Guitars Are Replaced With Giant Slugs

rkv // Designlovefest came up with their own phone cases based on their Dress Your Tech series — I’m eyeing this pretty little guy for my 5c since my current case is on the fritz

cct // I’m so happy that I’ve found an awesome job that makes me happy, but leaving one you don’t love while not feeling guilty is still a hard thing. This article on How to Quit Your Job Without Feeling Guilty is something everyone should read.

rkv // IT’S STILL SUMMER. Make these dishes while you can!

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