Etsy Round Up // Vol 19

Guys, this weekend *almost* felt like fall, and I was SO into it! I am also so into the fact that my trip out to Palm Springs & Joshua Tree in happening in less than a month! I’ll be out there for a fantastic design conference (Designer Vaca), and a get away with Curtis, hence all of the cactus and desert vibes happening below. Hope you don’t mine 🙂

il_fullxfull.732692341_ch1v il_fullxfull.631091973_swzm

Like I said, desert vibes (insert cactus emoji and smiley with sunnies)

il_fullxfull.730579252_pczril_fullxfull.726280557_raxa il_fullxfull.594418360_isof

I have a thing for coasters, I’m not sure why – but either way, these are gorgeous!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6



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