Two Years!


Hey guess what?! Yesterday was our two-year anniversary! Being the space cadets that we are, we totally overlooked the birthday, and didn’t realize it until WordPress reminded us. You go, WordPress! So in honor of the big T-W-O, we’re doing a roundup of some of our favorite posts over the last 730 days:

Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas

Classic Blueberry Pancakes

Embracing Alone Time

Corn Saladgm_cornsalad


Headband – Tuck Tutorialgm_headband_4


Makeshift Flower Vasesgm_recyledvases_6


1 Shelf, 3 Waysgm_shelf_bake_2


Do you guys have any personal faves of ours? We’d love to know! Also, if you missed it, we made delicious cupcakes last year for our 1st year blogiversary!

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