2016 #Goals


So it’s a new year, but the idea of “resolutions” suck…what to do? Well you don’t need to give up quite yet, because while making yearly resolutions might not make for better performance, setting long term goals and general good habits do. Here are our goals for 2016 and beyond!

Save more
When you’ve been buying frivolous things, you can’t help but feel a little guilty. Stowing some extra mulla away, however? That always makes us feel better. An easy tip? Direct deposit makes it super easy to automatically put a percentage of each paycheck into your savings account, rather than checking. Start small with something like 5%, and if that doesn’t sting too much, you can always bump it up more!

Don’t overcommit
Some of our biggest issues are totally self inflicted, because we plan way more than we can handle. This year we need to learn to say “no” to overcommitting. If you’ve had a super busy couple of weeks, but are getting texts left and right about what you’re up to that weekend, it’s totally okay to let them know that you’re a little beat. Besides, you can always suggest that they come over for a relaxed wine and cheese night!

Drink more water
Because its the right thing to do! For some reason we’ve both been slacking with this one. When we were younger we drank it like fish, but for some reason we’re just less thirsty now! Drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day can certainly feel like work these days, but we know we have to do it. Being more hydrated improves the mind and body, so drink up!

Do more
While we’re up here talking about not spending frivolously and saying no to overcommitting, the other side of that is to do more. Push yourself to spend time with people you don’t see often enough, go to a local sports game with friends even if you’re not a fan (spoiler alert, you’re probably gonna have a great time!), take on a hobby just for you and put aside time for just that. While our schedules get busy, you might notice that you’re busy just being busy – make time for the things that mean something to you.

Be gentle to yourself
Are you guys hard on yourself? We sure are, ha. And while that is a great tool for pushing yourself mentally (work, career, ambition, creativity) and physically (exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep), take a moment to realize that you’re great, you’re doing the best you can, and it’s enough. You create your own happiness, and when you’ve found your perfect balance of pushing yourself mentally and physically, you’re bound to glow!

What goals have you set for yourself for this new year?

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