Happy Weekend

Image courtesy of Alanna Taylor Tobin | The Bojon Gourmet

Image & Recipe via The Bojon Gourmet

Fridayyyyy we love youuuu! We’re amped, obviously. Time to sleep in, lounge, and be all things lazy. What’re you guys up to? Gonna be sloths like us? We highly recommend it 🙂

cct // 12 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Use Extra Takeout Condiments

rkv // I ordered 3 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from my coworker’s niece last week, and can’t wait to put these pairings to the test

cct // How To Do Bohemian the Scandinavian Way, yassss

rkv // So does this mean that our daughters may a have realistic perception of body image???

cct // Which “Parks And Recreation” Character Are You?

rkv // Loved this quick Ted Talk about this 75-year-old study on happiness, and it was filmed right down the street from my house!

cct // Fun story about David Bowie’s legendary mugshot

rkv // Snow-yoga inspiration photos to get you off of the couch and into that side-crow


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