Happy Weekend!

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Happy Friday, lovies. What’re you all up to these next couple of days? We’re hoping to have pretty calm weekends, since we both had fairly hectic weeks. Anybody in the same boat? Errands & relaxing may be the name of the game, if you catch our drift.

rkv // Wanting to make this simple lemony soup

cct // As a Dawson’s Creek fan (…who watched it for the 1st time 2 years ago and binged watched the absolute sh*t out of it in a couple months) this clip is adorable. Team Pacey 🙂

rkv // In case you’re curious what 7,000 square feet of cake looks like

cct // These snaps are on POINT

rkv // 5 sneaky ways stress can affect your body

cct // This study on the link between a tidy kitchen and weight loss seems interesting. Even if it’s bs, a clean kitchen is something to strive for anyway!

rkv // Liking the sound of this new docu-series Architecture

cct// Here are beautiful pictures of a girl who traveled to Puerto Rico, just because it’s cold and we wish we were there! *PS – I want to go to there*


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