Espresso Con Panna


When I made the heart shaped waffles a few weeks ago, I ended up with a big ol’ can of whipped cream. And while I’m not mad about it, I do want to actually use it – those things have a habit of lingering in your fridge for ages. I got to talking with Curtis, and next thing I know, I’m googling adorable espresso cups because he started talking about a drink he had seen in Europe – espresso with whipped cream on the top.


Other adorable espresso cups I almost bought, here, here & here


It turns out, that the espresso with whipped cream drink is called an Espresso Con Panna, and it’s amazing!

After picking our our espresso cups, and grabbing the Reddi-wip, we broke out the Moka pot. I had gotten Curtis this Moka pot a couple years ago, but it hadn’t been used in awhile, so we made sure to refer to the experts over at Stumptown for a detailed explanation of how to brew espresso. Easily enough, we filled the filter basket, heated up our water and brewed some delicious espresso!


The most fun (and delicious part) of this little concoction is mixing in the whipped cream (not seen in these photos because it isn’t super pretty). The richness of the whipped cream pairs perfectly with the bitterness of the espresso, almost bringing out a chocolatey flavor!

So get with your European-self and indulge with a mini cup of espresso con panna 🙂 Happy drinking!



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