Winterfest // New Hampshire


As you may recall from past summers, our friend group does a summer beach hang every year in Old Lyme (seen here & here), and we have been planning on trying to gather again in the winter for Winterfest. We’ve been talking about it for years, and this weekend, it finally happened!

While we weren’t able to get everyone up (sad face), we had a lovely time hangin, antiquing, eating and playin games. We went to Rindge, New Hampshire to our friend Andrew’s family’s house, which coincidentally is only about a 25 min drive to Christa’s family’s house, the farm. This is especially fun for us because while we’ve popped into Peterborough together before (last couple pictures in that post), we don’t venture into town much when visiting the area.

This time we stopped into multiple shops and had lunch and dinner in town. Here are the adorable and unique spots we popped into:

01. Seaver & McLellin Antiques

We had a deep appreciation for this store’s love of all things odd. Everything from full-sized carousal horses, to straight jackets, to little heart-shaped containers filled with human teeth (you read that right). Even with all that weird shizz, Christa walked out with an awesomely inexpensive Mexican rug (seen below).


02. Twin Elm Farm

A cute barn house full of both vintage items & local handmade goods was just up our alley! We wandered room to room eyeing the adorably decorated house full of excellently curated booths. Our favorite items from Twin Elm were not for sale though…the 2 teeny-tiny, sweater-wearing chihuahuas named Mr. Chow & The Beef!! We hung out longer than expected, taking turns holding the little cuties!


03. Bowerbird & Friends

Filled with trinkets old and new, we wasted lots of time in this little Peterborough shop. Pretty prints, vintage photos, textiles, glassware, and sterling silver galore. Even a little green house of sorts with air plants & cacti! We loved wandering around this gem.


04. Twelve Pine Cafe 

Such good sammies! We worked up an appetite (what else is new?) and decided to pop in here for a quick bite. One section is a cafe, and the other section is a market of sorts, full of unique olive oils, beers, pancake mixes, etc. Definitely a fun and delicious lunch spot. Caprese sandwich below #yum.


05. Barbour Outlet 

We don’t have pictures from the Barbour Outlet, but we wanted to make sure people know it exists, because it’s exactly as great as it sounds – discount Barbour (insert double hand praise emoji here). Last time we went, Curtis got a gorgeous waxed canvas jacket for less than $120! We weren’t all so lucky this trip, but it’s always worth stopping in.

06. Harlow’s Pub 

This adorable pub was truly unique! Trinkets and posters covering the walls from floor-to-ceiling, and a family friendly play room for the kids later becomes a stage for live music at night. The nachos and veggie burgers were killer!


And just hangin at the house…


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