Welcoming Spring

We’re definitely experiencing the flutter of spring-fever around these parts. We’re so excited for longer days, filled with the bright airiness that we’ve been so patiently anticipating. To welcome Daylight Savings and the many joys that come with it, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tricks to revive our spirit with the simple pleasures that the spring season has to offer:


01. Buy some bright, colorful flowers

So we know you all don’t have an unlimited “fresh flower budget” (if you do, tell us your ways…), but treating yourself to some gorgeous blooms to liven things up is totally acceptable! The color, fragrance & life that comes with a bouquet will brighten your day. You don’t need to buy the expensive bouquets either, one of our favorite tricks is picking up the less expensive mixed-variety bundles — once you’re home, sprawl the flowers out and color block each flower type. Place them all around the house and you’ll have a lovely display that doesn’t look like it was $3.99 🙂


02. Open the curtains (and windows!)

Get that fresh air all up in there! Sunshine and crisp air make your home come to life. This past weekend in New England was stunning, and getting rid of that stale winter apartment feeling couldn’t have been done without that nice warm breeze gusting in.


03. Switch out your scents

Time to begin embracing intoxicating florals, fruits, and botanical perfumes or candles. We love that fresh light feeling we get when things smell as bright and warm as the days are beginning to feel.


04. Fresh, light linens

As cozy and wonderful as your flannel sheets are (or as our lovely Brit Jenny called them, “soft sheets”), it’s time to move to lighter linens. While your linens might not actually be white, it’s all about the materials. Switch to a nice cotton with a brighter color scheme to feel fresh and excited when you wake up each day.


05. Switch over to iced drinks

There’s always that exciting morning when you suddenly realize “OMG, I should get ICED coffee today.” Those mornings have arrived, and they are welcomed with wide open arms.


06. Taking a walk

Say so-long to your cabin fever and get some fresh air during your free time. If you’re feeling inspired, wear something light & airy and bring along your camera, or if you’re feeling more sporty, get out those kicks and download a mileage-tracking app so you can meet your steps for the day.


07. Lighten up your meals

Feeling like you’ve been kind to your body by eating fresh, healthy meals is probably one of the greatest ways to embrace this time of year. Working from the inside-out will kick-start your day, allowing you to feel more energized and sleep better. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll start to lean up a bit for the upcoming summer months.


08. Take a trip

Since winter can usually make us want to do a whole lot of nothing, take advantage of this new season by mixing up your usual routine and taking a weekend getaway. We love exploring new cities that in our areas that are just a hop-skip and a train ride away, and the nice weather lets us take it all in.

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