3 Ways to Behave Yourself on Easter

Ughhhhh, why must holidays involve so many sweet delicious treats, why??? We admit that we severely struggle with self-control whenever those chocolate bunnies and mini-eggs start popping up left and right. So far we’ve been good this season about not purchasing sugary goodies for ourselves, but on Sunday, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll be out in the open during our family/friend get togethers.

We’re certainly no saints when it comes to avoiding overeating candy, but we have a couple of tips that we find helpful for ourselves, and hopefully our fellow readers who also struggle with self restraint 🙂


01. Get a head start
Breakfast, people! Hearty, filling and full of protein is the name of the game. Eat your favorite breakfast before heading out so when you’re scanning the snack table, you’re feeling full, and less grabby.


02. Fill up on the main meal
Eat up! If you’re feeling full from the actual meal, you likely won’t be oggling over the cake and candy the same way that you would if you were hungry. But don’t worry, we’re not total jerks – all of this doesn’t mean you can’t have anything


03. Don’t deprive yourself
I mean lets be real, if you really don’t allow your self anything, that’s just straight up depressing. At the end of the day, just have fun and let go! You (and everyone around you,) will be much happier if you enjoy your Easter treat for the day 🙂

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