Father’s Day Day Trips

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’ve started thinking about what our plans with our Pops will entail — while we’ll most likely stick to a lovely dinner with something deliciously grilled, we might suggest a little activity before or after the meal. Day trips are a great way to spend the day with your Dad, because let’s face it, nothing beats a great experience to remember together!

Father's Day Day Trips
01. See a baseball game

Some good ol’ American past-time fun is always a good bet!

02. Go on a kayak/canoe trip

Reg brought her dad kayaking for his first time last year and he was completely in love. Pack some snacks and hit the water!

03. Take a bike ride

Look into your local bikes routes and hit it up to take in this beautiful spring weather together.

04. Explore a museum

Great option in case you get rained out! See what your nearby cities have to offer in history, science, or art museums!

05. Go on a hike

Another perfect way to enjoy Mother Nature while having some bonding time with the Dadio. Get in a little exercise and enjoy the views!

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