Summer Style ’16 // Baggu

Summer calls for bags. You need a farmers’ market bag, a beach bag, an overnight bag, a going out bag, a work bag, a gym bag, a weekender bag…(ok ok, you get the point). And we should know, we’re self-proclaimed bag ladies and have no shame in that! Baggu has all of the bags right now, and we’re thinking we’d like one of each, plz!

Which is your favorite style or pattern?

SBAG_PECH_WTRM_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048SDFL_CBLT_CUTO_02_BCFR_OSHL_2048x2048 BKP4_CNVS_GRID_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 STCL_SDLE_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 LBCK_GREY_SLVR_02_BCBA_WBCK_1e7edd0b-a971-470f-962a-6fe65cca6347_2048x2048 BSCT_PSTL_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 FLPL_LVND_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 DUCK_CNVS_FLOR_01_PROD_0000_8eebc314-1a85-4d64-b0ca-cc83a080c5d9_2048x2048 LBAG_SDLE_0000_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 SBAG_BLSH_FLOR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 FZPM_BLSH_DOTT_02_CLOS_HNCL_2048x2048  MINP_GREY_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 3DZS_SAIL_STRP_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 MBAG_PSTL_0000_03_BCFR_OFRM_2048x2048 sbag_cblt_ctus_01_prod_0000_2048x2048 DUCK_BLCK_DASY_03_BCFR_OSHL_2048x2048

All images from Baggu


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