Watermelon Salad (Part Deux)


We’ve had a couple watermelon recipes on the blog over the years – another Watermelon & Feta Salad and last week’s Watermelon Cucumber Coolers, but we’re not sick of watermelon yet 😉 and hope you aren’t either! After a weekend of eating out, we’re excited to get back to our routines, and this easy watermelon salad fits right in for those plans!

Plate 1-1.5 cups of watermelon, add heaping spoonful of feta to crumble on top, finishing off with sprinkle of mint (chiffonade if you’re fancy).

And that’s it folks! You can fiddle with the ratio of watermelon to feta to mint – but however you decide to eat it, the mix of sweet & salty with a touch of herb, is delightful!

gm_WatermelonSalad_2 gm_WatermelonSalad_3 gm_WatermelonSalad_4

Stoneware plates by Xiao Crafted 


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