Loving Now // Culottes

Happy hump day, loves! So, I know my dad is cringing right now (he’s not a fan of culottes…), but man are we crushing hard. They’re just so easy breezy! As you’ll see from our round up – you can wear them with t-shirts, button downs, sneakers, wedges, heels – they’re unbelievably versatile, and we love versatile! Are you guys back on the culotte train? Another 70’s trend rolling through making a statement. 🙌

b5574699929ea5245bac458a389180a3 2f89de59f6139b90cafdc5a080937b3a654c6589157e7d70cd4090d1b33a3944 7f626b5ec6a22e14b05c2438be2337a9 3650f4f03329b4057bd64b224b69cf33 21a019f26b9714b226e70c97d50b764dd30f7e00a2f68b2a5d4122b7129eca5d



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3 thoughts on “Loving Now // Culottes

  1. Love the post! I actually picket up a pair of culottes from Zara the other day, can’t wait to wear them! Please check out my latest post if you get the chance, it’s a special one, and it’d mean a lot! xx

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