Etsy Round Up // Vol 25

Guys, it’s almost August, what! This summer is flying by, and we’re nowhere near ready to let it go. We’re embracing summer in full force (heat and all), and I think these Etsy items showcase summer in the best way – beautiful jewelry, hues of pink and purple, cocktail cups and more. Check em out…

il_fullxfull.1018237481_p4dd il_fullxfull.930925349_2m0z

^ I know, I know, a fanny pack…but it’s leather and cute! Perfect for bike rides and short spontaneous trips around town!

il_fullxfull.971656830_6xah il_fullxfull.996096553_5mi8

^ Those colors are speaking to me. They remind me of trips to Kansas in the summertime – steamy humid air, peachy sunsets and earthy grass tones. LOVE.

il_fullxfull.929517840_g1m8 il_fullxfull.948560504_m0bc

Druzy Rings // Rose Fanny Pack // Firefall Yosemite Candle //  LE Longhorn PRINT // Colored Pencils // Copper Cup

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