Pizza Dough Pretzels


Guys, two of my favorite things are coming together to make these easy, tasty bites – pizza dough and soft pretzels!

gm_pizzadougpretzel_2 gm_pizzadougpretzel_4

My boyfriend Curtis and I watch Chef John food videos pretty much every week, and we always have such great luck with his recipes. I made his Sausage Pasta e Fagioli last week that was killer, and when we watched the pizza dough pretzel video, I knew it was only a matter of time until I made them on my own! Lucky for me, we pretty much have a Whole Foods pizza dough available at all times in our fridge (we’re pizza people).

As I mentioned before, the actual making of these is pretty simple, since you’re using pre-made dough, but I don’t know if you’ve ever made pretzels or bagels before, but the trick to getting that crispy, browned top is a very specific and important step – boiling the pretzels in baking soda before baking.

So your basic ingredients are:
+ 1-1.5ish lb white pizza dough
+ 1/3 cup baking soda
+ 6 cups water
coarse salt
+ sprinkle of cornmeal

01. Take your dough out of the fridge about 10-15 minutes before starting
02. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
03. Lightly sprinkling white flour on your table and place your sticky pizza dough onto the floured surface. Sprinkle a little more flour on top so you can handle the dough without it sticking to your hands.
04. Pound out some of the air, and slice your dough into 6 (generally) equal parts. Shape into either knots, or bagels – your choice!
05. Pour baking soda into 6 cups of water in a sauce pan, turn heat onto medium high heat, and bring to a rolling boil.
06. Boil each knot for 30 seconds on each side for a total boil of 1 minute. You can usually fit about 2 in the pan at one time.
07. Immediately transfer knots onto parchment paper lined baking pan, sprinkled with cornmeal (I ran out of parchment paper, and it was not a fun clean up. Use it if you have it!), and top with coarse salt.
08. Bake for 20 minutes.
09. Enjoy!

These steps might seem a little daunting at first, but I promise it isn’t bad at all! I would recommend reading through once or twice, but the general gist is – cut and shape dough, boil in baking soda water for 1 minute each and bake for 20 at 400 degrees.

***All of these directions are wonderfully explained in Chef John’s video, so if you are at all confused or want clarification on anything, I highly recommend you watch it!***


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